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Yes, there are a lot of great places in Barcelona for Gaudí lovers! Another great Gaudi house with rooftop views, is the Palau Güell. Located near the port at the edge of the Gothic and Born neighoborhoods, this semi-outdoor mall has plenty of great shops for clothes, shoes, accessories and gifts. There’s also some excellent Gellato shops in this strip. Now it houses a wide variety of cafés, night clubs, restaurants and over 40 artisan craft shops and workshops. Probably one of its most eye-catching items, which is also one of the market’s best-sellers is their large variety of colorful and tasteful fruit juices. Situated at the tip of the Montjuic, the MNAC stands tall at the head of a large staircase, going down to the Plaça d’Espanya. Experience Barcelona by walking around, putting your head back and look up and savor the flavor of the city. Located between Plaza Catalunya and the Cathedral in the Gothic Quarter, Portal De L’Angel has everything from clothing, to books, to sporting equipment stores, Gellato stops, street performers and every Sunday there is even traditional Catalan dancing, frequented by Barcelona’s over 60 crowd – it’s definitely worth a look. I really liked that from La Pedrera you can see the lovely colored house of Casa Batllo across the street.

After the Catalan Civil War, the House of Trastamara was restituted as tenants of the Count of Barcelona title and thus sovereigns of the Principality of Catalonia. Barcelona is the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia of Spain and the second-largest city in Spain. The Counts of Barcelona eventually became independent and began expanding territory to all of Catalonia. On 16 July, Barcelona announced that Spanish winger Cristian Tello would be moving on a two-year loan deal to Portuguese club Porto for a loan fee of €2 million. La Vanguardia (in Spanish). On July 17-18, a part of the Spanish Army, led by a group of officers (among them the generals José Sanjurjo, Francisco Franco, Emilio Mola, Manuel Goded Llopis and Gonzalo Queipo de Llano), tried to overthrow the Popular Front government of the Second Spanish Republic in the Spanish coup of July 1936. One of the main goals of the coup was to take control of the main cities of the country, among them Barcelona. El Holocausto Español. Odio y Exterminio en la Guerra Civil y después (in Spanish). Luckily, you can buy your skip-the-line-tickets in advance online which will give you access to roam around the house, explore the exhibition and venture out on the rooftop for chimney selfies and a good view on Barcelona.

The CCCB offers the public access to part of its holdings, a multimedia archive comprising materials created by the Centre during its years of activity. If you stand with you back against the museum, you’ll see a big part of Barcelona, framed by antique pillars and dramatic statues. There was much discussion after the match over whether Henry would remain with Arsenal or move to Barcelona, whom he had been linked with a move to over the past months. He had pulled a thigh muscle during the second leg of their match with Chelsea, and had not played since, though he was included in the 22-man squad for the final. Fernando Puente (10 December 2012). “Barcelona-Figueres HS line to open January 7”. International Railway Journal. Percy, John (19 December 2012). “Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova steps down from Nou Camp role following relapse of tumour on saliva glands”. Only a couple of years are left, to put a crown on Gaudi’s masterpiece.

One of the best views from Barcelona from above and another Gaudi masterpiece is also one of the biggest tourist attractions in Barcelona, is the lovely Parc Güell, situated in the north of the city. You can visit the park for free, but the best sight and view of Barcelona, is from the monumental zone with her terrace overlooking the park and the city. You can see the whole of Barcelona, framed by colorful benches and modernist landmarks. The Barcelona views down below with panoramic vistas throughout the whole city makes exploring Montjuic fun along with all the cool attractions on the hill. But you can also take the Teleferic from Montjuïc down to the harbour. You can take the bus or metro up Montjuic, or climb the stairs from Placa d’Espanya. How long does it take to visit Sagrada Familia? The only problem with climbing the towers of the Sagrada Familia is, that you’ll not get a Barcelona view with the Sagrada Familia in it. From there you’ll see the back of the facade of the church and the pinnacle and the closely knit streets and houses of the Gotic area.

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