Perfect Skin Direct: Karin Herzog Oxygen Sun Cream
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Karin Herzog Oxygen Sun Cream

Karin Herzog Oxygen Sun Cream

Stimulating tan accelerator and maximiser in one. Fantastic advanced formula for use on the face and body to be used to enhance the benefit of normal SPF creams.

This cream will provide your skin with the raw materials to help it stay well hydrated and also aid healing and repair, whilst minimising peeling and blistering and will result in an even healthy tan. Use this for at least 2 weeks before sun exposure, and then as a pre and after sun treatment. Apply in a thin coat without massaging, when it has absorbed apply your normal SPF cream. This cream can also be used for anyone who uses solariums.

Oxygen will ensure that the skin has the energy to compensate against aggressive sunlight.

Oxygen helps to redistribute the skins own melanin to help provide a more even natural protection.

Delivering extra water will ensure higher moisture content in the skin and help to keep the skin hydrated during sun exposure.


Ideally apply twice per day to all areas of the body to be exposed to harsh sunlight, and should be commenced at least 2 weeks before travelling.

Whilst away, apply twice per day as a pre and post sun exposure treatment.

When bathing or exposed to the sun, use an spf cream, as this Oxygen sun cream increases hydration and helps reduce damage and peeling.

150ml: £33.00 £29.45

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