Perfect Skin Direct: Karin Herzog Glyco Rose Gel
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Karin Herzog Glyco Rose Gel

Karin Herzog Glyco Rose Gel

Collagen stimulant

Glyco rose Gel helps in the following ways:

Stimulates COLLAGEN and ELASTIN in the dermis, the second major layer of the skin. The body stops readily producing collagen and elastin around the age of 28 years.

Improves acne SCARRING by lowering the top ridge and raising the bottom of ice pick (indent) scars for a smoother appearance. Some clients see an improvement in the gray shadowing caused by this type of scar. Acne scars happen when the pimple or cyst destroys skin tissue as the lesion progresses. Glycolic acid will never make a scar worse as it is restoring the skin. Hypertrophic (raised) scars become flatter, closer to skin level, less visible to the naked eye. Used in conjunction with our Oxygen products newer, fresher, plumper undamaged skin is revealed quicker.

Stimulates GLYCOS-AMINO-GLYCANS, abbreviated name GAGS, in the dermis. They are moisture-binding ground substances that bind water to them, expanding the dermis for a smoother appearance and turgor. We lose Gags with age. Used in conjunction with our Oxygen products ensures additional water is delivered to the skin to help work along side these gags.

CLEANS THE FOLLICLE loosening the glue-like substance or bond holding dead cells together repeated use KEEPS IT CLEAN. This can be a great help for acne sufferers.

EVENS out the SKIN TONE in the top layer of the skin (EPIDERMIS) by eliminating darker pigment. Glycolic acid will not stop new darker pigment from occurring, but our oxygen products and Vita-A-Kombi Oill help greatly in this regard,

IMPROVES the TEXTURE of the skin by packing the cells back down, similar to fish scales or tiles on a roof. Broken or splintered cells have jagged edges, giving the skin a rough feel and allowing moisture to evaporate faster. Tightly packed cells return the luster of the skin, which is an SPF 1 and slows the evaporation rate. Our Oxygen also helps in this regard by redistributing melanin

ANTI OXIDANT or ENDIAL. Glycolic acid attaches itself to free radicals in the skin, rendering them inert.

How It Works

Results are cumulative and you should always use one of our Oxygen products alongside for optimum results. When used with VAK facial oil as well as oxygen the benefits are enhanced greatly for anti-ageing.


Apply Glyco-Rose Gel to entire face twice per week

If the skin is dry and over 30 and has scarring; apply the gel then leave for 30 minutes. Apply Vita-A-Kombi Oil then your recommended Oxygen product (Vita-A-Kombi 2).

If under 30 and has scaring just apply Gel, leave for 30 minutes then apply Oxygen Face Cream on top.

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